Karajarri Rangers head to the Edgar Ranges

Edgar Ranges .jpg

Last week, the Karajarri Rangers and Yiriman went out to Edgar Ranges for a 3-night camping trip. We put out camera traps, undertook fire burning, and went for a night walk in search of the rare, endangered Night Parrot.  

Ewan and Gulu went on the chopper and were responsible for burning around the central north of Karajarri native title area. It was an aerial burn of three-four year old vegetation. On the second aerial burning trip in the afternoon, Bayo navigated in the chopper while Wyno operated the incendiary machine. After finishing, they took a quick tour around the Edgar Ranges, while the ground crew put out camera traps to record any native or feral fauna.

We also had a visit from the Bidyadanga Police, who have funding to help run programs on youth engagement. We had seven youth including our very own 2018 school-based trainee Jonelle Bennett on board with us, and Ronnie from the Bidyadanga clinic. Ronnie came on the trip to have one-on-one talks with the young ones, and run a group session on health, drugs, and alcohol issues.

These trips are very important for rangers to monitor native flora and fauna on country and also to mitigate wild bushfire in the later year. It’s also important for youth on these trips to be involved in looking after country, traditional knowledge, and to stay out of trouble.