Turtle Monitoring


December 14, 2016, by Wynston Shovellor-Sesar and Janine Shovellor. During the last month, the rangers teamed up with the Nyangumarta Rangers to monitor Flat Back Turtles on 80 Mile Beach. The rangers broke up into two groups. One group went on early morning patrols and the other group patrolled at night. Combing the southern and northern sections of the beach's six kilometre transact, the rangers searched for fresh turtle tracks. By the design of the tracks, we were able to identify whether they were Flat Backs or a different kind of turtle. We also used cybertracker technology to record the location and condition of the turtles' nests. This helps our research about the turtles' movements and growth. Additionally, the Department of Parks and Wildlife has collected blood samples to help with their research, so they can gather information about the turtles' gender. This isn't all ... Karajarri and Nyangumarta Rangers were also based at Anna Plains for three weeks. We monitored bilbies, trapped cats and conducted a marine debris survey.